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Red Flower Temple

Shadow Green Pigment

Shadow Green Pigment

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Shadow Green Natural Pigment

Pigment Use Method

Mixing the Glue: Start by mixing the glue granules or flakes with water and heating the mixture until the glue dissolves completely. Allow the glue to cool slightly before proceeding.

Adding Pigment: Once the glue has cooled but is still warm and liquid, gradually add your pigment powder to the glue. Start with small amounts and mix thoroughly to ensure even distribution of the pigment. You can adjust the amount of pigment to achieve your desired color intensity.

Synthetic Binder: Mix the pigment powder with the synthetic binder in a similar manner as you would with animal glue. Synthetic binders offer versatility and are water-based, making cleanup easier.

Arabic Gum: Mix the pigment powder with water to form a paste, then gradually add Arabic gum until you achieve the desired consistency and color intensity. Arabic gum provides a transparent and glossy finish and is suitable for watercolor and gouache techniques.

Remember to experiment and practice with different pigment-to-glue ratios to achieve the desired colors and effects for your project.

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