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Chojun Print on Washi Paper (A2)

Chojun Print on Washi Paper (A2)

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This Chojun Print on Washi Paper (A2) features a stunning giclee print of Rori Hakucho Chojun, a heroic character from the timeless work Shui Hu Chuan. Acclaimed Japanese tattoo artist Florencio Rojas skillfully created this piece, which is printed on A2 light washi paper for an unparalleled look. This print is an ideal way to showcase the legendary Chojun and his amazing journey of strength and resilience.

Are you an artist? This high-quality giclee print on washi paper is made of kozo fibers for a truly unique piece of art. Washi paper is a traditional Japanese handmade paper made with kozo, a type of plant fiber, offering superior quality and durability. This special paper is an excellent choice for showcasing other artists' work.

Contact us if you are interested in printing your artwork on this high-quality handmade paper.

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